Endangered Species Interview

N : Hi ! Good morning ! I’m Aulia Nanda from “National Animals”. I want to interview you about endangered animals in Indonesia.

K : Hello ! I’m Kinanthi, yes, sure, go ahead.

N : What is your opinion on endangered species?

K : In my opinion endangered species defines as any species which is in danger of extinction.

N : What species are most endangered in Indonesia? Do you think that the rate of extinction will decrease one day? 

K : The most popular endangered species in Indonesia are Sumatra Tiger, Orang Utan, Javan Rhinoceros, Sumatra elephants, breeding bird and plants diversity. Yeah, one day, the rate of extinction will decrease because we have figured out a way to protect ecosystems.

N : Even though Indonesia has a variety of plants and animals, many species are in danger of extinction.  Do you understand the reason why are [some species endangered?

K : Yes, I do. They have become extinct because of weather, global warming, overhunting, fishing, harvesting, pollution, disease or the habitat destruction.

N : So, what should people do to protect endangered species?

K : We should protect wildlife habitat and avoid buying ivory, snakeskin belts, alligator boots and other products made from endangered animals.

N : Okay, thank you for your time.

K : You’re welcome.



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