How to Use a Blender


  1. Blenders
  2. Drinking Glasses
  3. Rubber spatula


  1. Choose a flat, dry surface on which to operate your blender.
  2. Put the blender together. Place the blades in the retaining ring, then set the gasket over the blades and inside the ring.
  3. Screw the retaining ring firmly to the bottom of the pitcher. Be sure the retaining ring is seated correctly or you will have a leak.
  4. Set the pitcher onto the base and plug the blender in.
  5. Put the recipe ingredients in the pitcher. Put lid on firmly.
  6. Use the Ice or Chop setting to make milkshakes, smoothies or frozen drinks.
  7. Make baby food by adding a small amount of liquid to a cup of fruit or vegetables and blending it for 15 seconds on the Puree setting. Five seconds on this setting also will smooth out lumpy gravy.
  8. Take advantage of the Pulse setting to make bread crumbs, grate chocolate, chop vegetables and make cracker crumbs.
  9. Add food to the blender through the secondary lid while the blender is running.
  10. Clean the pitcher after each use. Put a little bit of dishwashing detergent in, add enough water to fill it halfway, put the lid on, and run the blender – with lid on – on a low speed for a few seconds.
  11. Rinse the blender thoroughly. Take it apart and dry off the blades.

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