Expressing politeness

Expressing politeness

Kita dapat menggunakan ungkapan-ungkapan berikut untuk mengungkapkan kesopanan :

  1. Excuse me,…
  2. …, please
  3. Would you like to,…
  4. Could you,…
  5. Do you mind if,…

Contoh :

Kinn     : Excuse me, Mom.

Miss A : Yes. What’s up?

Kinn     : I’m looking for a ICT book. Would you like to show me that book?

Miss A : Sorry, I’m busy now. But, you can found it on shelf beside computer.

Kinn   : I have searched it, Mom. But, I can’t found it. Could you help me, please?

Miss A : Okay, I can help you. I have three books. You can choose one of the three

this book.

Kinn     : Do you mind if I borrow all of the book? I really need it for presentation.

Miss A : Sorry, this is the rule on the library.

Kinn     : Okay, I understand. I choose the first book.

Miss A : Don’t forget to return it back soon. Okay?

Kinn     : Sure, mom. I return this book immediately. Thank you.

Miss A : You’re welcome.


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